Efficient Communication
“Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success."
-Paul J. Meyer

Our goal is to teach the skills of efficient communication so that your teams will be able to engage with others easier and with a deeper level of understanding for improved outcomes both internally and externally. 

Core Communications Work:
* Oasis Retreat * Equine Factor * Systems for Success *

The Oasis Retreat:

An Oasis is a "pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation".

“Certain battles were won by retreating.”
― Eoin Colfer​

The Goal:  
The goal is to gather your team outside of the office for a deeper learning experience.  On a retreat, communication improves, stress is reduced, creative thought expands, and team building occurs.

The How:
In order to create an Oasis for your team, we use the elements of nature combined with direct coaching to bring participants through the phases of challenge, stillness, growth, and reflection.   That is the space where deeper communication is learned as well as having authentic thinking, team building and leadership skills cultivated.

Our favorite retreat space is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Greene County, VA approximatley 1.5 hours from Richmond.  From the cabin sites we are just yards to the Appalacian Trail and immersed in nature. 
All cabins are newly renovated and nicely equipped, and the retreat can accomodate 6-10 participants.  This is a fully customizable experience which will be tailored to your needs and budget.


The Why:
Retreats into nature are a wonderful way to reward, engage, and re-energize your employees ... all while providing them with a deeply personal and engaging experience to draw out the best in themselves.  Allowing employees to disconnect from the office in order to reconnect with nature will drive engagement, creativity, and productivity. 

The Facts:
"Corporate retreats have transformed to perform a vital service for businesses that ultimately generates more revenue without the wastefulness of past generations.
Here’s why your business needs to budget for a corporate retreat ... it Builds Morale, it Genuinely Forges Bonds Between Your Employees, it Provides Valuable Training,
it can Lure New Talent to the Team..."

      -Huff Post, John Rampton, "Why Corporate Retreats Need to Make a Comeback" 2/4/2014

Equine Factor Retreat:

Active learning
through horses
The Goal:​​
By bringing your team to an Equine Factor Retreat they will leave with the ability to recognize their communication patterns and challenges, as well as be able to more quickly connect authentically with others. 

The How:
In small groups, your teams will be working with horses on the ground in silent communication to learn the mechanics of energy and intention.   After honing these high-level communication skills with horses, individuals will have enhanced abilities to communicate effectively with their peers. 

The Why:
If your team is unaware of the presence that they carry or is not adept at communicating with ease they are at risk of losing clients and damaging internal teams.
EF Participants will learn to recognize and embrace self-awareness, learn to communicate effectively, and sharpen their leadership skills.  If your team is looking for something that is truly unique and powerful, this is it!
Classroom learning is effective, but limited in scope and practice.  Investing in an impactful learning experience will have greater ROI through deeper levels of learning. 

The Facts:
As one of the first Equine Coaches based out of the Richmond area, Stacy is excited to offer you her proprietary "Equine Factor Program".   As an equine expert with over 30 years of study and experience, she has come to understand that horses are an instant litmus test of your authentic energy and ability to communicate. 
Want to know more??

Click the  mini-demo video here to witness the power of self-awareness, energy, and the Equine Factor, as demonstrated by Stacy.
Systems for Success Workshops:

The thin line between ordinary
and extraordinary 
The Goal:
Cognition CC aims to direct your teams in the path of best communication planning and systems to go from ordinary to extraordinary.  From awareness, to presence, to planning systems, to making an impression ... it all comes together to equal better communication through thoughtful systems. 

The How:
Workshops from 1-3days will engage your teams and challenge them to look at communication in a new light.  It is not just about flexing communication styles, its about being authentic, approachable, and memorable.  From networking to consultative selling, we can address any communications issue you are facing.

The Why:
As human we only remember a fraction of what we hear and say ... so your employees need to be communicating in the most inviting, impactful, and memorable frequency to improve your odds of retention. 

The Facts:
When asked what skills are most valuable of their employees, most CEOs and Managers will indicate the ability to communicate.  If those skills aren't efficient then you are wasting precious resources.