Fusing Family & Career
"There is no such thing as work-life balance - it is all life. 
The balance has to be within you."

When we support each other, we all succeed.

Executive Group Coaching:

Balance​ for Working Parents

The Goal:
Retain top talent during the challening phase of life where parenthood intersects with career development.

The How:
Small groups of employees who are expecting a baby, currently have a baby, or have a toddler will be grouped together for on-sight coacing sessions.  A series of topics and support materials will be provided which are directed at the specific challenges of new parents, as well as organic conversation and coaching to the needs of the group.  Option to have four shorter sessions throughout the year or as a single half-day session. 

The Why:
Providing group coaching sessions to develop skills for life-balance will help to retain top talent by investing in your employees personally.  Specifically designed small groups encourage internal bonding, while expanding their ongoing footprint of support. Employees find that they have a place to turn where they can vent, find systems to help them during this season of life, and personal support for their unique situation. 

The Details:
Stacy spent a decade of her personal career working as a consultant to OBGYNs in the area of high-risk pregnancy.  The knowledge she gained regarding pregnancy and childbirth combines with her experience as a parent of two young children and her coach training to create a unique program that is highly impactful for new parents. 

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