Women's Leadership

"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn."
​~Benjamin Franklin

​At Cognition CC our goal is to plant the seed for individual growth in your employees ​so that you may retain the best and the brightest people in your industry.  

Core Women's Work

Strong. Effective. Unique.
​​ Women's Networks:
Consultation and Design

The Goal:
Work with your team to implement an impactful and powerful women's leadership network in your organization.

The How:
We work to assess current realities, review desired outcomes, and design or consult on a program outline that will meet your individual needs and budget.

The Why:
If you have yet to hear, investing in women's leadership is now the status quo. By designing a program to develop your employees you invest in their future and your own.
​​ Women's Leadership Development:​​
Workshops and Training

The Goal:
Delivering impactful workshops for your women employees will engage them and prepare them for leadership.

The How: 
We offer a series of key workshops to address 4 specific leadership benchmarks in women.

Workshop Opportunities:
There are the 4 key areas of leadership that can be facilitated individually or as a bundled program.

The Why:
There is much publicity about women not earning equal pay in the workplace and about leadership being "male heavy".  Investing in your female employees to equip them with the skills that you value will encourage a long and productive career within the organization... which delivers diversity of thought and expertise to your board. 

The Facts:
"Women get less of the support that advances careers:
Women are less likely to receive advice from managers and senior leaders on how to advance, and employees who do are more likely to say they’ve been promoted in the last two years. Similarly, women are less likely to interact regularly with senior leaders, yet employees who do are more likely to aspire to be top executives."

-2017 Lean-In Women in the Workplace Annual Report