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New Parents: Balancing Baby and Career

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Employees who are beginning a family and are trying to balance their career with a new baby/family.

The Challenge:
As new parents lean into the demands of starting a family AND performing in their career many become conflicted.  The stress during this time can test the performance of even the most dedicated employee. 
Without the right support systems in place to navigate this intense season of life several will choose to quit their job in fear of not being able to manage it all.  

The Benefit to Coaching:
Valuable employees find their path and the ability to remain in their career.  Turnover and stress is reduced.

Engaging Women in Effective Leadership 

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Women searching for a rewarding career and/or opportunities in leadership.

The Challenge:
Because they think and work differently, both men AND women are needed for an engaging and successful workplace.  Women often feel a lack of to confidence to speak up.  Their skills might go overlooked do to a lack of visibility. 
Many of these women will leave the organization to seek other opportunities.  Or worse, remain silent due to a lack of confidence, thus depriving your group of their great thoughts and talents. 

The Benefit of Women's Programs: 
Diversity in leadership is strengthened/cultivated, which attracts top performers to your organization while also retaining the in-house talent which you have been investing in.

Developing Efficient Communication

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Team members who need immpecable communication skills; from sales teams to management ... really anyone who interfaces with other human beings. 

The Challenge:
 Humans who work together function much like a herd of animals, they need to seemlessly work together to survive and thrive in today's competative business environments. 
A lack of efficient communication can lead to a host of internal and external challenges: 
team members are less efficient with generating and implementing new ideas,
clients are confused or fail to see the amazing benefits that you offer,
and employees feel frustration at work therefore seeking employment elsewhere. 

The Benefit of investing in Efficient Communication
By encouraging and teaching your employees the skills for more timely, exact, and deeper communication they will be more engaged with each other and more productive in their work.

Fractional C-suite
If you are in need of a Chief Learning Officer, but don't have the budget or desire for a full-time staff memeber, then consider the growing popularity
of a Fractional-CLO
Stacy can oversee/design your  Learning & Development programs, with contracts that range from
400-900 hours per year.

Speaking Events
​Stacy loves to meet new audiences and is available for speaking engagements! 

Sample talks include:
"Women's Leadership: How To Be Visible and Valuable" 
"How to engage the #1 Predictor of Success and Happiness"
"How our Tribes and our Herds Shape us as Humans"