Stacy Wood
Founder, Cognition Coaching & Consulting

Hello, I'm Stacy;   Welcome to Cognition! 

I founded Cognition Coaching and Consulting when my passions, skills, and professional experiences collided, allowing me to make a difference in the world.  The core of this company is based off of my beliefs that: 
  • The beaten path is not always the best path for everyone
  • That we are each unique and need to discover what our own specific journey looks like in this world in order to live authentically and intentionally 
  • As women we have unique gifts and talents that are a wonderful addition to any corporate culture.
  • That we each have the power inside of us to do great things as long as we have a mentor/partner/coach who can help us to see it, practice it, and believe in it! 
  • That Conscious Choice is available to us, but is hard.   By definition Choice requies us to take one option and give up another. As humans we are hard-wired to avoid loss, therefore making Concious Choice a difficult task for many of us as we resist the loss that comes with chosing.  This, however, is what allows you to live intentionally!

My Passions:
  • Creative Thought:  Personally I embraced the skills for stepping outside of the box to create a life that works for me starting at a young age.  
  • Family: I truly live the life of a career woman who is passionatley focused on her children and family.  This is what drives me to support others in this effort. 
  • Nature: I rely on my connection with nature and what I have learned from horses to remain grounded and to find balance and peace when things get hectic.

My Skills:
  • Equine:  My degree in equine and animal sciences, as well as years of riding and handling horses have helped me to better understand that nature demands a presence from us, and it can bring us back to a state of balance and confidence.
  • Active Listening:  Well over a decade of competative medical sales has sharpened my active listening skills so that I can hear what is and what isn't being said.  I embrace the skill of unspoken communication to dig even  deeper.
  • Teaching and Coaching:  I trained on various highly respected "mangement and training" platforms with a top pharmaceutical firm before becoming a certified coach to further round out my skills in the teaching and coaching arena.   

My Professional Experiences
  • Pharmaceutical Training Manager:  My time as a training manager for a Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company taught me how to facilitate and deliver impactful workshops. 
  • Medical Sales Consultant:  Connecting with and listening to customers was key to my success as a sales professional, and translates into my ability to help current clients. 
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Richmond:  This opportunity allowed me to expand my knowledge of instructional design and to facilitate engaging coursework. 
  • Certified Coach: My coaching certificiation through LCIA brings it all together to assist my clients in a direct and supportive manner.  I help my clients discover personal insights, cultivate a powerful presence, and connect to what is essential for them.
I am proud to offer uniquely engaging workshops and coaching sessions who's design have arisen from my diverse background. 
We are all unique with our own formulas for what creates balance in our hearts and passion in our work. 
I can't wait to talk with you about
your journey...

 -Stacy Wood
"Life is crazy; find your balance and enjoy the journey!"