"To Connect with others, be Yourself, at your Best"

~John Maxwell

​​This page highlights a few of our amazing current and former clients who are
blazing their unique path by engaging in
Coaching and Consulting services with Cognition!
-Executive Coaching for Working Parents

-Women's Network: Day Retreat
-Team Building Workshop 
-Consultant on the Women's Network Initiative 
​-Executive Coaching for Working Parents 

-Conscious Choice 
-Team Building Workshop
-Equine Factor Day Retreat
-Sales Skills: a Consultative Approach

-Professional Development and Leadership

What People Say About Working With Me...

"The coaching sessions are working, I can see the changes happening; that is why I keep coming!"
-Anonymous, private coaching client 

 "Loved this event! Stacy is an excellent presenter!"
-Employee, KPMG
Women's Day Retreat

"Stacy's direct and compassionate coaching approach helped me explore and define my need for a more balanced life.  She coached me to consider stepping outside of my self-imposed boundaries, and with her help I created and engaged in a plan to live more authentically without compromising my values.  I highly recomment Stacy as a dymanic and supportive coach." 
-Mandy;  private coaching client

  "Loved the event. Incredibly insightful and well done!"
-Employee, KPMG
Women's Day Retreat

 "Stacy is extremely professional, creative, and knowledgable.  I highly recommend her as a coach!" 

-Brandee; private coaching client

 "This program is valuable for helping high performers confidently remain with the firm. Every new/expecting parent should take this program."
-Employee, KPMG
Working Parents' Workshop & Executive Coaching

  "I've come so far and now realize I am stronger than I thought I was since beginning coaching with Stacy." 
-Anonymous; private coaching client

  " You're simply amazing at what you do; coaching is your gift."
-Wendy; medical sales coaching client

"This event was a wonderful opportunity of learning and amazing to witness!" 
-Gale, DRHPC
Equine Factor Day Retreat

  "We need more resources like Stacy offers here at [the company]." 
-Anonymous, professional firm
Working Parents Executive Coaching Series

"This workshop was fun and informative!"
Employee, Alliance Womens' Health
Team Building Event

"This program was informative and concise. The facts were good and the solutions helpful- some were very unique. " 
-Employee, Keiter
Building Better Communication