​"Zero investment gets zero return."
​-Justin Wise

Workshops & Retreats:

At Cognition CC we fuse together individual Coaching with targeted Skill Building to create impactful workshops with a personal touch.  This turns classroom learning into an Experience, which raises learning retention in participants.

When it comes to ROI, nothing beats Experiential Learning.....

Adult Learning Retention Statistics*
Lecture – 5%                                             Reading – 10%
Demonstration – 30%                            Group – 50%
Experiential – 75%

*source: Association of Talent Development
easy to understand as if you were talking to your customer


SHRM Article:
"Executive Coaches Ease Leadership Transitions"


If you are looking to retain your top talent and develop employees,  offering out-of-the-box learning opportunities is a great place to start! 

Harvard Business Review recently published
"The Intangible Things Employees Want from Employers" 
(Anne Bahr Thompson, Dec 2015), in which the author outlined the
"Me to We Continum"; explaining that what employees really want is a sense of connecting to them personally and skills to be a bigger/better person. 


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